I feel good when I realize I had underestimated a young Armenian girl. rolleyes.gif She, namely 17-year-old Silva from Armenia, has won BBC’s The Next Big Thing whistling.gif contest, reports BBC.

Unlike other Armenian bloggers, I had not followed up on the contest. I was totally sure she would lose. And now I am glad I was wrong!

When I first saw at www.yerevannights.com an announcement to vote for the Armenian singer at BBC’s website, I did so just because she was Armenian. biggrin.gif OK I voted twice actually. shy.gif But even with that she had low votes from BBC readers.

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(photos from BBC)

I watched one of her music clips at Yerevannights.com afterwards and actually turned it off. It was horribleeeeeeee and she was very unattractive. And the clip seemed to be shot in America, although she lives in Armenia. So perhaps they had found an “American looking” place in Armenia to shot the clip at. That part was disgusting actually, because why the hell somebody would find a typical American neighborhood interesting and attractive.

Now I want us to pay attention to “unattractiveness” (subjective view) of Silva. I feel bad that it was part of my judgment, but even if she was the cutest girl in the world, I would still think she sucked.

Anyhow, I am surprised but glad that the judges of the contest disagreed with me. In “BBC’s Hunt for the world’s best young band,” they “praised [Silva’s] I Like, which was composed by the singer's brother, as ‘fresh and new’ and described her performance as ‘second to none.’” It is cool that her siblings (Mane and Edgar) wrote and produced the song. clap.gif

This is the second Armenian victory in BBC’s Music Contests this year. flag.gif Armenian Navy Band was also a winner couple of months ago. I guess the study that Armenians are the most advanced ethnic group in England is becoming more and more true. But again, once Armenians were really successful in Romania too. ermm.gif

p.s. I still don't like her songs, except for the winning one which you can listen to at the BBC website.