Turkey visiting Vatican Pope Benedict XVI has mentioned the Armenian Genocide in Istanbul, the Catholic World News reports.

In reality, the Catholic World News is trying to confuse its readers – perhaps in shame that the Pope was not courageous enough to utter the phrase "Armenian Genocide" in Turkey. As the same Catholic World News mentions, "Pope Benedict XVI brought up the sensitive topic of the Armenian genocide– although he did not mention it explicitly— during a November 30 meeting with the Armenian Apostolic Patriarch of Istanbul, Mesrob II." The Toronto Star summarizes the event in one short title, "One word Pope dares not speak."

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His Mortabashd Mesrob Mutafyan and His Mortabashd Benedict XVI in Istanbul's Armenian church on November 29, 2006 (REUTERS/Anatolian/Erhan Elaldi)

I did not expect the Benedict to acknowledge the Genocide in Turkey as such (since he might never return back to Vatican again), let alone in a meeting with the Mesrob Mortabashd. The latter is the spiritual head of Istanbul's Armenian community. Mortabashd was asked by a reported if he acknowledged the Armenian Genocide, reports Newsday of New York. The answer was, "Uhhhh."

Mesrob Mortabashd, who has lost family members in the Armenian Genocide, is fearful of death if he pronounces the word "genocide" in Turkey. He may as well have a point. But when did the idea of truth disappear from Orthodox Christianity? When did Armenian priests stop from being ready to martyr for the truth?

– This is when they adopt the title Mortabashd – which means worshiping one's own skin.