When Ayse Gunaysu sent a special report to us about a possible genocide mass grave discovered and covered up in Turkey, the news was picked up by Hetq.am, and the first actual article about the discovery of the mass grave in English was published at Hetq.

The news was then picked up by many news agencies that forgot to credit both Ayse Gunaysu and Hetq on the way. A week ago, I was able to trace who copied the news from whom, but now it is all around the place and there is no way I can find it out. Leave the copyright issue alone, here is great news: the Swiss "Spero News" reports the mass grave discovery has been discussed in the Swedish parliament!

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…he mass grave issue has now entered Swedish politics as MP Hans Linde from the left party recently submitted an interpellation to the Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt, asking for an independent commission of scientists and historians to examine the findings.

The foreign minister must now ask the foreign ministry to launch an investigation into the matter before he can respond to MP Hans Linde. The response of the foreign minister on this issue is due to be presented on the 12 of December before parliament.

p.s. the actual connection is more detailed than I have time to write about it. But, in short, after Hetq published the news it reappeared in the Turkish press again with the information published by Hetq, etc….