If you have ever been attacked for saying that most Turks are deniers, here is an upsetting poll that will prove your bias true.

According to CNN Turk's November 27, 2006, issue, 53 percent of 8000 Turkish citizens have said Armenia should apologize for its misdeeds during WWI (namely, deny that the Armenian Genocide ever happened and say that Armenians killed Turks instead), destroy the Genocide memorial in Yerevan, withdraw from Karabakh, and drop territorial claims on Turkey.

But you should have in mind that the survey has been conducted by "the Association to Combat the Baseless Genocide Claims," so the "halo effect" and other factors should be taken into consideration as well. And maybe, I mean, hopefully, this is not Turkey's reality. I bet if you asked 53% of the 1915 ordinary Turks whether they were for or against the Armenian massacres, they would say no. Why have the ordinary Turks changed so much?

For those of you who understand Turkish, here is the link.