ForestFree 2024 is a 9.32 minute video that I did for my Ecological Crises class at the University of Colorado at Denver. Made in November of 2006, it tells the story of Armenia’s deforestation.

It is available at,, with not-the-best quality version to fit the YouTube upload criteria. I will be happy to send you a better quality version via post mail. Just send me an e-mail at [email protected].

This is my very first experience in making a movie. So please do not expect a professional work.

The photographs and the videos are from the Internet. Many photographs are by Onnik Krikorian and Hetq newpaper – they have given permission to use their materials. Other photographs are from’s gallery and other sources. Some photographs had been already reproduced too many times without the original credit. I was not able to identify the photographer and contact them for permission. I will credit them if they contact me upon seeing the video.

In addition to the above mentioned sources, I would like to thank Armenian Forests NGO for letting me use their content; Lilit Tsaturyan from Russia for sharing the music that plays in the beginning and at the end of the video (although the music is recent, the author is unknown to me); (for providing the clip about Armenia’s independence) and Mariam Nersisyan from Armenia (for sending the clip of children in Yerevan). Lilit and Mariam sent me the material long time ago, so they are not aware of the video yet. Special thank you to my friend Anna Hovhannisyan for sending a wonderful photo of Mount Ararat.

Most of the music is Armenian traditional remix. I have also included classic (non-Armenian) Carl Orff’s famous music. Could not find contacts for Ara Gevorkyan for copyright permission, but I remember him saying in Armenia that he doesn’t mind his work being used as long as people at least mention that the music is Armenian. After I posted the video on YouTube, an Azerbaijani viewer informed me that the remix duduk (very beginning and the end of the movie) is by Azerbaijani artist Alihan Samedov. I love that music and am going to keep it, although it may sound little bit ironic while I also talk about the war in the movie. But art is art, and I will keep politics out of it.

Some of the sources, both photographic and content-related, are listed below. Again, thank you all who helped with this project.…ID=&lng=eng Factbook on Armenia…R01-Armenia.htm Armenian Forests NGO official website Articles concerning Armenia’s environment Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia official website The official website of SolarEn, clean energy company…079&lng=eng