On a welcoming move, Denver’s FBI has finally busted an International human trafficking ring that reportedly imported and tricked Korean women for sex slavery.

The news came from a report by Colorado’s CBS4Denver 5:00 p.m. issue on November 22, 2006, aired about 45 minutes ago, that is partially available at http://cbs4denver.com/seenon/local_story_326084954.html.

FBI declined to give particular information about the victims or the ongoing investigation when I called to check whether any of the victims were Armenian nationals. But a representative said he did not believe there were Armenian women involved.

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The photo I took a few minutes ago. Not sure if the Police is investigating trafficking, but a young Asian woman was involved

CBS said the ring was learned about through online services that offered Korean women. It is not actually a secret that many Denver “massage salons” offer sex services by Asian women. It is sort of “everybody knows it – but cannot verify” thing. A Mongolian friend of mine has told me reportedly that her compatriot females are offered in salons all around Denver.

Interestingly, in the past hour or so the local Police were questioning a young man in front of our apartment in a Denver suburb. After a young Asian girl came and some questions were answered, the man and some others were let to go. It seems like this questioning had something to do with the investigation.

Anyhow, it is not a secret at all that most women being trafficked to America are from Asian countries. There is not evidence that Armenian women are being trafficked to America, at least not to Denver, Colorado.

NOW listen to this. CBS reports that FBI had been tracking the traffickers for six months! They let these victims to suffer for a half year, although it would take some time to find out everything about the trade in Denver. The video report says investigators even went through the trash of the suspected organizers every day.

This is how women they tricked. They were told it was 18,000 dollars to get to America (to emigrate from Korea). When they arrived here, they were told they had to do prostitution to pay off the debt.

UPDATE: The organizers are known: Wai Kong and his wife Kit Chi Ho.