The holiday gift for the Moscow police is a Question-Answer book about Armenia, its people, culture and traditions.

The book intends to teach Russian police that Armenians are good people, and they, therefore, should be protected from hate killings that have amounted to 3000 in the last decade. informs, “The book contains 201 answers to the questions Russian citizens may have when hearing about Armenia. Besides, it provides information about Armenian traditions, famous Armenian brandy and even anecdotes from the Armenian Radio. One chapter is dedicated to the Armenian-Russian relations.”

The most recent victim was a 15-year-old Armenian boy. The shocking part of the story is Armenia’s and Russia’s official ignorance to these hate crimes. Only a small group of Armenians, mostly bloggers, organized a protest in Yerevan. Check for more information on this.

In the next couple of years Moscow police will be receiving hundreds of books about Azerbaijanis, Georgians, Gypsies, Kazakhs, Mongolians and many more – to learn that these people are good so that the Police protect them.