An Armenian officer has been wounded in Iraq, informs the Associated Press on November 11, 2006, expanding on the Reuters mention about the accident pointed out by Artyom at earlier today.

Although this is the first report of an official Armenian serviceman being wounded in Iraq, there had been killings of ethnic Armenians as a result of the invasion.

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I wrote last year about Hovsep Kurken Zadoian’s killing by the American forces who later apologized to his family for the misdeed. Eighteen members of the Armenian community had been killed by that point due to the war.

I also mentioned an Armenian teacher’s death earlier this year.

The Associated Press reports the disapproval of having Armenian servicemen in Iraq, “The mission has been met with criticism from opposition parties, many Armenians and even the 30,000-strong Armenian community in Iraq, which fears being targeted for attacks.”

Maybe, since Republicans lost the Congress and American people’s majority disapproved the war in Iraq, it is time to bring the Armenian servicemen home?