America's most popular "Borat" movie will not be shown in Russia, BBC Russian reports.

The decision comes after Kazakhstani, Jewish, Muslim (Azerbaijanis too?) and Gypsy groups and officials have talked against the movie. At least Armenians are not against, according to the report (since there is no mention of them).

I assume they will not show "Borat" in Armenia either. If they do, they will most likely (and I think they should) mute some Armenian words (at least one phrase) that are really offensive in the Armenian culture.

Anyhow, I love "Borat" and am planning to watch it again very soon at the Movie theatre. You cannot get enough of that movie. lool.gif

p.s. One will wonder why I don't write on the U.S. elections. I can say I am generally pleased. That is it so far…