After attending the Young Global Leaders Summit on Oil, Climate Change, and Security in CSU Fort Collins, I was joined by my brother and an acquaintance from Wyoming to watch Borat. I could not believe to my eyes how many people had come to see it.

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Have you seen this Armenian-American's testicles and back? If not, you have not watched Borat yet

I am not sure if Borat is spreading its intended message, but it is a good one: anti-Semitism is stupid, anti-Muslimism is bad, the war in Iraq is idiotic, Evangelicals are (I am not sure what) something. But I don’t think the audience (mostly Americans in their 20-s according to my observance) really gets the message. Actually, they get to see lots of Armenian and Jewish hair, instead.

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The face of genocide denier Azerbaijani president Aliev is the last scene of Borat

You get to hear lots of Hebrew and Armenian cursing (and for the latter reason, I strongly discourage traditional Armenians from watching it); you get to see the fattest Armenian on the planet naked and much more (I can’t believe Cohen actually agreed to have Davitian’s testicles touch his face).

Artyom at rounds up the movie too and makes a Boratish joke: Armenian Prseident in Kazakhstan to Discuss Borat … (pause) Not! (need to watch the movie to get this one).

There is something that I will not forget about Borat. The very last clip of the movie (at the end of the credits) was supposedly the picture of the glorious Kazakh president. It was actually the idiotic Ilham Aliev, president of the Azerbaijani Republic.

In a few words, offensively hilarious mocumentary!

Rated: X