Armenia’s new Holocaust memorial is a beautiful architectural design.

According to the Russian-language official website of Armenia’s Jewish community, a combined monument of Holocaust and Genocide was opened on October 27, 2006 in Yerevan.

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I was hoping to have some Diaspora Armenian organizations to sponsor the construction and once talked to Rima Feller, the head of the Jewish community, about that. Although my request became only available to Blogian readers through the “Yerevan's Holocaust Memorial Repeatedly Vandalized” entry, I am glad to have found out that some Armenian organizations, such as the Armenian Assembly of America, co-sponsored the construction (perhaps with the hope to find allies among America’s Jewish lobbyist groups). According to, the ruling ruling-coalition member Republican party of Armenia was also a sponsor. More photos at…1&Itemid=69

The memorial features writings both in Hebrew and in Armenian and was designed by architect Ruben Aruchyan.

As seen in the pictures from, there is a bronze fire-figure on the memorial in memory of victims of all genocides.

The opening ceremony was attended by members of the Jewish community and some Armenian officials.

I am very glad that the monument was finally opened. I wrote earlier this year about the vandalized Holocaust memorial, which was replaced by this new and better-designed monument. Hopefully, those few neo-nazis will leave this new monument alone.