One thing I love about learning is that I continuously discover there are so many important things that I have never known or thought about before. The new list includes the terminator gene, Indian simputers, debarking of dogs, the headless chicken of Colorado, etc.

But the most shocking discovery for me was to learn that there are still people living in Armenian Genocide camps.

I received a powerful Power Point photo story about the Sanjak camp in Lebanon by Missak Kelechian. I asked Missak to send me the photographs and give permission to publish them at Blogian. I wish I could share the entire Power Point with you – a moving and sad story.

Here are some new (2006) and old pictures from the Sanjak camp of Armenian genocide evacuees (or the “Starving Armenians” of the American culture of the 1920s and later). The Lebanese government has decided to destroy the old homes and build new roads and a public park instead. It will be flattened out by the end of this year…

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