First Turkish Nobelist Orhan Pamuk’s mother has commented to Sabah newspaper about her son’s remarks on the Armenian massacres.

She said, “I myself have no idea about this issue,” yet ended up calling her son’s remark “false,” according to Sabah’s October 16, 2006 Online edition.

Şekure Basman said, “Orhan probably knew false things about history. I think he doesn't have much information about the subject. No one teaches these things in school. I myself have no idea about this issue. Orhan told something false to a reporter from a small Swedish newspaper. But the Turkish press has over exaggerated his statements. Although the government tried to veil it, Turkish press has raked it up and took great pleasure for doing it.”

She also noted the media should be blamed for making noise about her son’s Armenian comments.

The old Mummy tried to appease the Turkish public but also noted important things: the Armenian Genocide is not taught at school; she has no idea about it; yet she thinks her son knows false things about history.

I think Sabah should have left the old lady to celebrate her son’s achievement and don’t attack her with questions about the Armenian Genocide. The poor thing has no idea about the issue; she wisely made it clear.

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