Many Turkish nationalists (mostly members of the fascist Grey Wolves group) are continuing to protest outside the French consulate in Istanbul for passing a French bill that criminalizes Armenian Genocide denial.

One of them carried a poster in Turkish saying, “Nobel for the person who says there was genocide, prison for the person who says no genocide.” Orhan Pamuk, as most of us already know, has received the Nobel Prize in Literature (and most people think that had a lot to do with his involvement in Armenian Genocide awareness) and France’s Lower House has passed a bill that would make it a crime to say, “there was no Armenian Genocide.”

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Idiotism of Denial: Protesters laugh as one of them throws an egg at the French consulate in Istanbul, October 15, 2006. French leader Jacques Chirac has told Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan he is sorry French lawmakers approved a bill making it a crime to deny Armenians were victims of genocide at the hands of Ottoman Turks. REUTERS/Stringer (TURKEY)

As you can see from the above pictures, some Turkish nationalists have been out on the streets for such a long time they have forgotten the “seriousness” of their denialist cause (unlike the vandalizers in France whose barbarized Armenian genocide memorial’s initial value is 60,000 dollars).