No, I am not going to have one, although some work on my nose could help me look more “typical Armenian.” biggrin.gif Last year in Texas an Argentinean-American, founding out that I was Armenian, asked me, “Where is your nose?”

So why plastic surgery? Well, I was reading the 2004 National Geographic issue on Armenia (perhaps for the 1700th time) yesterday and today, and found out that, according to Frank Viviano, Armenians have invented plastic surgery (let me wonder why)! Are we back again on “Armenians invented everything” story? brows.gif

Yes, we are cool.gif . And though Armenians have indeed invented some things in this world (the green color of the American dollar, color Television, etc.), this post is not about these inventions.

I simply wanted to share the Armenian joke below I had known for a long time and once shared secret.gif with my Jewish friend Oreet (who still thinks, after all the evidence below ranting.gif , her people are the oldest one).

“ The Armenian and the Jew fight over whose people are the most ancient one.

-Jews are the most ancient people: we have started the Bible tongue.gif , says the Jew.

-The Bible you started places the birthplace of the current civilization in Armenia, which you call Ararat jump.gif , says the Armenian.

After three hours of Biblical debate, these two agree upon moving the discussion to the scientific path: namely, archaeology.

-You know, says the Jew, we found 5000-year-old electric wires in Israel. This means our communication was wired 5000 years ago clap.gif !!!

-You know, responds the Armenian, we have not found 5000-year-old electric wires in Armenia. This means our communication was already wireless 5000 years ago haha.gif !!!”