The most successful ethnic group in Britain, according to a recent analysis, are the Armenians, Times reports in its Sunday (Sep 10, 2006) issue.

Is it because Britain's oldest written document, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, says "The first inhabitants [of Britain] were the Britons, who came from Armenia"?

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Actually, no. According to Times, "Of the 2,651 people of Armenian descent in Britain, more than 1,600 run businesses and a high proportion live in expensive parts of west London." After listing a few famous British Armenians, Times writes, "Many Armenians fled to England after the first world war, during which up to 1.5m died, amid allegations of genocide by the Turks."

The definition of "success" for the survey is apparently the financial one, and, pretty ironically, the reporting newspaper itself calls the Armenian Genocide "alleged."

I guess the survey speaks of individual and not about collective (community) success. Anyhow, it still makes me proud. If you wonder if Armenians are the most successful group in the U.S.A. too, the answer is “no.” Don’t worry, neither are the "all-powerful" Jews. Asian Indians – is the answer (according to my sociology textbook).

Here is another "success" story (of an Armenian Muslim in Britain) that I wrote about a few months ago.

At the end, I want to mention a successful Armenian (with my own definition of the term) who lives in Britain: my friend Artur Asatryan, the founder and director of