Holdwater, the Turkish webmaster of the denialist www.tallarmeniantale.com hatesite*, is trying everything to keep up the attention (please don't attack me for making him happy).

Short on "documents" to prove that the Armenian Genocide never happened, Holdwater (also known as "Ilyas Botas") is now dehumanizing genocide scholars in, according to him, cartoon series called "Alice in Genocideland."

Below are the dehumanized Taner Akcam, first Turkish scholar to acknowledge the term "Armenian Genocide;" and Armenian scholars Richard Hovhannisian and Vahakn Dadrian, the world famous genocide studies professor. The Holdwaterian "masterpiece" is at http://www.tallarmeniantale.com/alice2.htm.

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P.S. I will NOT please Holdwater by reporting on his pornographic "photo evidence" (photographs from various R rated movies) that the Armenian Genocide never happened. I do not find those funny nor appropriate for Blogian. The sacrilege and stupidity of genocide denial has no boundaries.

* www.tallarmeniantale.com is a hatesite for calling Armenians rats.