The photographic source of a WWI American poster to support the Armenian Genocide survivors may have been found.

Missak Kelechian announced finding the source in August of 2006.

The photograph has Near East Relief Star Logo and the side writing “Armenian Woman" on it, meaning the people in the poster are real survivors (to be victims?) of the Armenian Genocide.

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Here are Kelechian's comparisons of the poster and the photograph:

1. Look at her head scarf band details!
2. The head angle look!
3. Her shirt and the design details!
4. Minor difference in the hands especially the fingers!
5. The skirt and its shades!
6. Look at the strapped baby. The baby’s cap is so real!
7. The poster’s back ground is a ruined house, while the real picture is some where most probably in Syria in an alley between two houses/walls. Look at the typical people looking mostly at the photographer! They seem to have shoes on their feet!
The whole world was, and still is, looking at the photographer instead of the victim!
But Armenians are looking to the Mother… and the child on her back…

Information about the poster can be found at…amp;id=msp01021.

Thanks to Missak Kelechian and Fatma Gocek for the information.