Finally the flight I had so hoped for happened. I was in Glendale (LA) this weekend staying for non-school/career related purposes FIRST time in my entire life.

I didn't have time to visit many places around the area (and I was already in LA this spring), but still had the best weekend. My baby had made "tsitiki kat" (bird's milk) cake for me and I ended up brining half of it to Denver. I also saw my cousin Arman several hours before my flight and we checked out Glendale Community College (I had not seen it before). I also got some Jermuk – natural mineral water from Armenia- from Jons (John Berberian's chain grocery shop) and am enjoying it right now.

So the first thing I did in Glendale, after unpacking my bag at the motel, was turning on the TV set and finding three Armenian channels! The first program I watched, after the advertisements, was HASK on channel 31 I guess. Two gentlemen were speaking about one's responsibility, etc. I realized over and over again the lack of leadership and communicational techniques among Armenians.

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(The Armenian Catholic Church right across Glendale Community College. My cousin said the stones for the church were brought from Armenia. No wonder people go to this church very often, it is a beauty)

From Harvest Gallery, where Arman had taken me to, I picked up a free copy of Armenian Arts magazine (Jul/Aug 2006). It featured an article by Ter Vazken, an Armenian priest from California whom I met in Denver once. Ter Vazken visited Rwanda lately and wrote about the experience at his blog,

A powerful article (I could not find it online) that started many tears. It also features a picture from the Genocide museum in Rwanda that has info on and pictures of the "pioneers" – the Armenian genocide victims. Interestingly, Hasmig, a member of Journey for Humanity, had told me about this during last week (when I saw the six students again on Aug 26, 2006) and I got very surprised.

My brother is bothering me badly (I need to do some paperwork and help him with homework, and he also needs to check his e-mail to once again prove himself that he doesn’t get e-mails).

Happy Labor Day for those of you who live in the United States of America.