Scientists at Stanford have uncovered one of the ancient and unique writings of Greek mathematician Archimedes (or Archimed in Armenian) from a Christian manuscript. X-rays have revealed some of the writings from the manuscript. Christian prayers had been added to the manuscript, after Archimedes' writings were scrubbed off, 800 years ago. The website of the project is, the AP article is available at

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Vandalism can be recovered after 800 years by not vandalizing the vandalizm itself.

This is particularly interesting for Armenian manuscript art, since it is known that every single Armenian pagan (pre-Christian) writing has been destroyed. It is not impossible that some of the ancient Armenian bibles could have been written on scrubbed off pagan manuscripts.

This is the same idea that some foreigners in Azerbaijan used by photographing the scrubbed off Armenian writings in the village of Nizh, Azerbaijan. I did not mention this in my Hetq article, but now you know it. Although the Armenian writings had been scrubbed off, the special photography was able to capture the Armenian trace.

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The vandalized Armenian inscription of Nizh church is not totally lost. Special photography still shows the traces of the ancient Armenian letters.