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Security Lab informed on July 18, 2006 (in Russian) that "the hacker group of" has hacked the website of an Azerbaijani opposition party. The "leftover" note (attached below) said that others Azerbaijani websites were going to be attacked by

I shared the news (which I received from Armenia and was asked whether I had my "investment" in hacking the site – although I am very unsavy) with the administration and moderators, and some of them were surprised by the news. HAYASTAN.COM has NOT hacked this website. It is a black PR against the most popular Armenian website. Ironically, would not hack such a website, since it is not a governmental or propagandistic website of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani hackers brake Armenian websites often (and leave the popular "hacked and fucked by Azerbaijan note"), while Armenian hackers are very calm (a member from Moscow, who also runs a blog, even wrote an article at Azg ones calling on Armenian hackers to attack back. But I guess Armenian websites have more important things to do – and I agree with this policy). Anyhow, is not responsible for hacking An official press release may follow.

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