If you are Lebananese Armenian, you can get a free visa to Armenia. Contact the Embassy of Armenia to Lebanon, Beirut: Rabieh, Mtaileb, Jasmin St., Beirut, Lebanon; Tel.: (961 4) 402952; Fax: (961 4) 418860 for more information.

According to the Armenian Foreign Ministry, the estimated number of Armenian citizens in Lebanon prior to the start of the recent campaign was 1,200. In addition, 80 to 120 thousand Lebanese-Armenians are believed to be residing in the country. No information is available on any casualties involving either Armenian citizens or Lebanese-Armenians.

Prior to the escalation of the situation into a full-scale air assault on the infrastructure of Lebanon and its naval blockade, the Armenian Government began evacuating its citizens by buses from Beirut to Damascus and further to Aleppo, from where they were airlifted to Yerevan on board chartered flights of an Airbus-319 of the Armavia Airlines. The Armenian Government, in cooperation with the Syrian and Lebanese Foreign Ministries, also ensured expedited processing of consular formalities for the evacuees at both the Lebanese-Syrian border, and the Aleppo Airport. There have been two Armavia Airlines flights from Aleppo to Yerevan evacuating 178 people, including both citizens of Armenia and foreign nationals of Armenian descent. The first flight transported 77 people, and the second – 101. Armavia is planning one more airlift from Aleppo this week.

On July 18, 2006 the Armenian Cabinet held an emergency session to address the crisis. A task force was formed including Ministers of Territorial Administration, Finance and Economy, Transport and Communications, Health, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heads of the National Security Service, Police, National Civil Aviation Agency, and relevant directorates of the executive staff of the Cabinet. The task force coordinates national emergency response, in the form of evacuation/airlifts, medical assistance/counseling, as well as consular, logistic and other support.

The Civil Aviation Agency is instructed to increase, as necessary, the number of flights to/from Aleppo, including emergency flights. Evacuees are transported free of charge. The cabinet has been considering sharing the cost of these flights that are otherwise conducted at the expense of Armavia Airlines.

The Ministry of Health is instructed to provide medical help and counseling to all evacuees upon their arrival in Armenia.

Effective July 18, Embassies of Armenia in Beirut and Damascus, and the Consulate General in Aleppo are mobilized into a round-the-clock duty regime. Armenian missions in Syria and Lebanon are enhanced by two additional Foreign Service officers, dispatched to coordinate airlifts and transportation of evacuees from Syria to Armenia, in addition to facilitating all other necessary procedures.

Armenia is issuing 3-month entry visas, free of charge, to all interested citizens of Lebanon of Armenian descent, as well as both affected foreign citizens in Lebanon and family members of citizens of Armenia in Lebanon who are willing to find accommodation in Armenia.

Armenian Foreign Ministry has established the following hotline for all related inquiries, requests and other communication: (+37410) 586-017, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Yerevan time (Eastern U.S. Daylight Saving Time + 9).

Following is contact information for Armenia’s diplomatic / consular missions in the region:

Embassy of Armenia to Lebanon, Beirut: Rabieh, Mtaileb, Jasmin St., Beirut, Lebanon; Tel.: (961 4) 402952; Fax: (961 4) 418860

Embassy of Armenia to Syria, Damascus: Malki, Ibrahim Hanano St., P.O. Box 33241, Damascus, Syria; Tel.: (963 11) 6133560; Fax: (963 11) 6130952

Consulate General of Armenia in Aleppo, Syria: Al-Kawakibi 4, Taha-Hussein 12, Aleppo; Tel: (963-21) 268-7240; Tel: (963-21) 268-7241; Fax: (963-21) 268-7291

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