The first shocking news for the day: a Russian teenager has used fake Armenian ID (passport) to enter the United Arab Emirates. Shocking, because reports by Hetq (Investigative Journalists of Armenia) have proclaimed Armenian teenagers given fake Russian passports to enter UAE. But this case shows that the opposite happens too.

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Second shocking news: this information was published in a UAE publication. Shocking, because UAE newspapers never write about negative things or problems in their country: they cannot do so (for this reason, is banned in UAE). Indeed the article never uses the word “trafficking,” “slavery” or “sex slaves.” But if you read the article, you don’t need too much feedback in human slavery to understand what’s going on (check for more information).

The girl, who is most likely much younger than 19, did not have documents to enter UEA and become a sex slave. According to her, she got it from an Armenian girl, but I don’t think so. Perhaps she got it from a person who owns an Armenian girl as a sex slave. Do I sound rude or something? Welcome to the 21st century, ladies and gentlemen.