, a chauvinistic Azerbaijani website, “reports” that Armenians “burn houses in five occupied villages of Aghdam.”

For the sake of being little serious let’s mention one fundamental fact: since 1994 only Armenians have lived in Aghdam. Why the hell would they burn their houses, or even if they did, why should it bother Azerbaijanis? Are Armenians burning Azerbaijani monuments or smashing Azerbaijani cemeteries?

Now, let’s agree that “Armenians are burning houses” (and ignore the “so what?” satiric question). says that a correspondent of another Azerbaijani newspaper witnessed the fire. Well, I want to see photographic evidence of the “fire” (so at least the article sounds little credible)!

Guess what? has published a photograph from the fire. Are you ready? Here you go:

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