Armenia was just announced the 8th place in EuroVision's song contest. This means next year Armenia will directly get to the final.

The first place is Finland… I had the "chance" to watch their performance online. I can't believe they got any votes, really.

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Finland won… On the other hand, if George Bush can be America's President, why can't Finland win the Eurovision?

Surprisingly, Armenia got 10 votes from Turkey (the maximum votes a country can get is 10). Russia voted for Armenia (12 votes).

Why Turkey gave so many surprising votes to Armenia? According to me, it is because there are thousands of "covered" Armenians in Turkey, namely people who changed their identity during the Genocide to stay. According to my Mom, Andre's song was half-Turkish, that's why we got so many votes from Turkey.

In any case, Andre was great. Finland sucked too much, but they won. Russia is the second place.

3:00am, 21 May 2006, Yerevan (Armenian) – Littleton, Colorado – Athens, Greece