Thanks to a Jew, I learned about the website of the “Armenian Aryans.”

I am impressed that the “Aryans” in Armenia are that smart: they have even come up with a website! Wow!

So who are these people and why are there anti-Semites among Armenians? These are not questions that I can answer, but I can certainly argue that “Armenian Aryans” are harmful to Armenia. I will not argue this in terms of human rights, since it will be stupid for even trying to explain that hating a cultural, ethnic or religious group is wrong. People who are people already know that, people who are not people yet don’t know yet or will never know that.

Let’s start with the leader of the “Armenian Aryans:” Armen Avetisyan. I don’t really know him personally, but I have seen a booklet long time ago that had something about him. Two things I remember were that he had no education and that he fought for the Karabakh war. Praise to him for the second one and pity to him for the first one.

Well, let us see what else we have on him. Perhaps I should post a picture from their website (which was originally posted by so that we can see his face.

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This rather Jewish looking person is Armen Avetisyan. He was arrested in Armenia last year for his anti-Semitic remarks. I have heard from an acquaintance of his that Armen has changed some of his anti-Semitic views after coming out of jail. I need to check this, though.

So why are “Aryan Armenians” harmful to Armenia? Well, the excerpt below is from the “mission” of the “Aryans:”

“We have to end the Zionist oppression on governments and stop organized Judo-Christian religion which has dominated Armenia and Europe for over two millennia and bought world to its most darkest era.”

Despite the fact that there should be a comma before “which,” please also notice that the organization fights against Christianity, the 1700-year-old Armenian religion that helped us survive and kept us Armenians.

Another thing that I was disappointed with their website was that it listed Asala (the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia) along with Hitler and the American Nazi Party under “useful links.” Asala has been known for being pro-Palestinian, but I am not sure how their administration would react to see themselves listed with anti-Semitists. Oh, I forgot, Asala is a *terrorist* organization that brought the world’s attention to the Armenian Genocide.

Long story short, “Aryan Armenians” suck, even though they are capable of making a website.

p.s. I have a suspicion who the creator of the website is: an Armenian from California who covers under a common nickname… Oooo, now I will be making a lot of enemies. Perhaps, no. I know a lot of “Aryans” in Armenia.