The executive producer of “The Armenian Genocide” documentary (2006), Andrew Goldberg, said in a recent interview to the KurdishMedia “Going on, being attacked, often with fabrications, by nationalists in the Armenian press in California was very upsetting and uncalled for.”

Goldberg is primarily referring to an editorial by Harut Sassounian, Publisher of the California Courier. The article appeared in the Courier’s 23 March 2006 issue and was titled “PBS Forced Producer to Revise Content of Genocide Documentary.”

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Harut Sassounian (right) addressing 24 April 2006 Armenian Genocide Commemoration rally in North Hollywood, California. Photo by Simon Maghakyan/Blogian

Sassounian was later criticized by a Turkish professor in a group discussion for not interviewing Goldberg for the article. Sassounian responded saying he would not disclose his private communication with the executive producer of the film.

Goldberg was in the same group discussion, and he did not response. I assumed that by keeping silence he agreed and “approved” the editorial.

But today turns out that Goldberg was offended with that and other writings. I have been in touch with him in the last two days; he seems devastated and very sad. I don’t really know every detail, but it is apparent he has been attacked by some individuals in the Armenian community.

Anyways. I appreciate Goldberg’s work and thank him for the efforts. Not that I think the film was perfect, but it was, according to me, the best documentary on the Armenian genocide ever.

Once again, thank you Andrew.