A 15-year-old girl from the Armenian church of New Britain has told what, according to her, is the real story behind the molesting charges.

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"I heard that story – I think it's a false statement. That's impossible," Hovhannisyan said Tuesday night. "He is not this man."

She said she trusts Keshishian with her 15-year-old daughter, Annie, who is frequently at the church with him.

"I feel she is safe when she is with him," Hovhannisyan said. "I don't believe that happened."

She said Annie was at the church about six to eight months ago when a 12-year-old girl fell and Keshishian helped her up.

"My daughter saw it. She said nothing happened. But the girl was crying, and then crying more after [he picked her up]," she said. "She was saying something happened, he touched her."

Hovhannisyan said the girl had only recently joined the church and never returned.