Monthly Personal Alerts

· I got an underage alcohol ticket last week 70 miles away from where I live. The reason? My brother got drunk and told my name to the police when he almost got arrested… Thankfully, he changed his mind and told the Police his real name. My first ticket ever was taken back by the same officers!

· I am done with the semester and have finished the two-year college I was attending. I am getting ready for a 500-people party (celebration) for Thursday, and am writing my speech for my Saturday graduation (I am the student speaker). I am also seriously thinking about the University I will transfer to: it will most likely be DU (University of Denver).

· I am still angry after learning about corruption in Armenian kindergartens. In order to get a “good role” in the theatrical performances or shows, the parents of the kids are supposed to pay about $20 to the organizers (aka, teachers)! Talent is a word worth $20 now… My sister, a theatrical director, journalist and art critic, refused to pay the amount in order to get a good “part” for my niece. No more biased comments biggrin.gif.

· I had nice time in Seattle and Long Beach, California two weeks ago. The best thing about Seattle is the gum-wall they have (that very few locals even know about). Long Beach was more fun without going into personal details. Oh, and I also met Miss South Korea 2003 (according to her cousin Hong-Ju "Jason" Lee!) there; she is not in shape now, so don’t jump on my face if you don’t like her!

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Ms. Korea 2003 (?) and me in April of 2006. Her cousin, “Jason,” got offended when I said, with good intentions, the girl looked liked a Mongolian.

· I was again in the newspapers in our state a few days ago. The same stuff about winning the All-USA award. California Courier, America’s most circulated Armenian weekly, also wrote about the awards. People around are getting annoyed with this stuff. There is this family who would always clip articles about me or written by me and they would send those to me. They have stopped doing so sad.gif

· At the end of this month I will start a summer job at the Colorado State Capitol. A prestigious but underpaid tour guide job with many prospective opportunities.

· Many new bills to pay and a damaged, one-side-mirror car to repair. A research to finish about Tibetan-Armenian trade connections. To find a way to pay for my family’s medical expenses and continue waiting for my girlfriend to return to the States. To continue thinking of moving out of the small apartment: I need more walls to hang my certificates on (as my brother-in-law says, “Simon respects himself many times” laugh.gif). To find a way out of the stupid Dean of Businesses Affairs Screening Committee. To convince Amanda to find a more creative job and to make clear to Oreet that she has to attend my graduation (READ IT, GIRL?). To send thank you notes to Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Guistwhite, USA TODAY. To hope that the number of alcoholics will not increase (I am not asking decrease) in my family.