Charles Henry, a Canadian blogger of no dhimmitude, has posted an entry about the psychotic Turkish Ambassador of Canada who has left Canada in angst after the administration of the latter said that the Armenian genocide, by the way, did take place.

Henry quotes the Turkish Ambassador as saying, “The Armenian claims are a direct attack on our identity, on Turkey's history.”

The Canadian blogger also posts a picture of a denialist Turkey with its head in the ground.

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According to official turkish policy, it seems that we Canadians are "gravely" prejudiced for distrusting the unbiased memories of the turkish government, foolishly relying on our own memories to formulate our opinions. We are being "gravely" offensive in choosing to use facts as our foundation for understanding the history of our world. If only we could follow the noble turkish model, of using hopeful wishes instead of the "gravely" western approach of accumulating and studying data..
Turkey is increasingly resembling that great western philosopher, Chico Marx, who once remarked to a distrusting Margaret Dumont,
"Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?"

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