I just called Armenia’s International Airport and talked to a friend, who works there, about the situation.

It is 10:41 a.m. 3 May 2006 in Armenia, and most office employees have just arrived to the Airport.

The office of Armavia, the company whose airplane just crushed and killed 113 people, is located 200 meters away from the Airport. My source says that the gates of Armavia’s building are closed and the members of the victims have surrounded it. Voices of cries and anger are heard everywhere at the Airport.

I asked why Armavia was closed. “Because the families of the victims [are so angry that they] would kill Armavia officials.”

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Zvartnots (Armenia) International Airport on an early spring morning with Mount Ararat in the background (April 2006)

Several Armenian authorities (I am not sure if my source was referring to the Mafia) have been on the plane. I was not told the names of those individuals over the phone, but Armavia will most likely get into a lot of trouble and face a possible shutdown.

The Armenian TV stations, I was told, are not reporting that the plane was crushed due to the weather. The families and friends of the victims are not inclined to believe to that version, and the Armenian Public TV has said that the cause of the crush is being investigated.

The crush has happened in the territory of Russia, a country where racist crimes against Armenians and other minorities are too threatening in the last weeks.

Also everybody knows in Armenia that Armavia’s planes are old [and not safe?]. This could be THE reason…

There have been no delays in other flights because of the crash.