Via iArarat. The famous Time magazine has published the names of 100 individuals “whose power, talent or moral example is transforming our world.” The list includes great and evil people with all of them with a common characteristic of being one of the most influential individuals in our days. One of those great people (he is under the list of people "who do the right thing"), according to Time, is the “Teller of the Awful Truth:” Orhan Pamuk.

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It is not only eggs from Turkish nationalists that followed Orhan Pamuk’s reference to the Armenian genocide: he is now considered one of the 100 influential people of the world by Time magazine. If you remember, last year Time distributed a Turkish propagandist DVD denying the Armenian genocide. Though the magazine apologized for the offense, it did not take an affirmative action. A reason for nominating Pamuk could be the fact of “feeling guilty” for genocide denial (CEM TURKEL/AFP/Getty Images).

Pamuk’s awful truth was a simple sentence that stated over a million Armenians were killed in Turkey. The simple reference to the Armenian genocide, nevertheless, was close to cost this famous Turkish novelist’s life.

Truth did not take Pamuk’s life away, but rather made him one of the most 100 influential people on the planet Earth.

The truth shall set you free; the truth shall make you famous.

…Pamuk, already the most famous author in contemporary Turkey (Snow; The Black Book), became a global cause celebre early last year after he pointedly criticized his country's all-too-willful historical blind spots: the genocide of Armenians in 1915 by the Turkish military and a similar suppression of the country's Kurdish minority……1187233,00.html