A Turkish Doctor of something finally reacted to Maral Der Ohanessian’s last letter regarding the Armenian Genocide (he did not publish Maral’s letter until today).

In his opening letter, Dr. Laciner makes a fantastic confession saying, “Both sides do not listen to each other.” He has undoubtedly stolen this phrase from righteous Turkish professor Halil Berktay, but the latter used that sentence in another context. But Dr. Laciner at least admits a possibility of him being ignorant; this is a major accomplishment for a person who just a few months ago alluded Turks were superhuman creatures incapable of crimes and misdeeds.

I want to congratulate Maral for her achievements (I have warned her many times that Dr. Laciner will never turn around saying, “Maral jan, you are right – the Genocide did indeed happen,” but changes are made little by little): Dr. Laciner, for example, tries to make up one of his previous stupidities that said that the Armenian Genocide did not take place simply because no Turk is capable of committing genocide. Maral’s previous letter has made him think.

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In his defense he now says that Turkey is a multiethnic country and therefore the high level of tolerance would never permit a genocide to take place; “I am not racist and I do not think that the Turkish race is greater than the others. However, the Turkish nation is a mixture of the Central Asian and Balkan races. Turkey was and is an immigrant countries and it has been more multi-national than the U.S. is. Compare the modern Turks in Anatolia with the Central Asian Turks and you would realize the differences. No Anatolia Turk could claim that he or she is a pure Turkish. ‘Turkish nation’ is a name of a civilization, more than a race.” No comments on this.

One thing I cannot praise Maral is her inability of teaching proper English to Britain-educated Dr. Laciner. Maral, angleren chkrtsar sovoretsnel ad toktorin! laugh.gif

Dr. Laciner’s parting words are, “I understand you, but thanks.”