Several bloggers and news agencies paid attention to the fact that Azerbaijan jealously politicized Armenia’s participation in the Eurovision song contest and got angry that Andre’s (the singer who represents Armenia) birthplace was mentioned as the Nagorno Karabakh Republic.

As a result of official Azerbaijani complaints, Eurovision “hid” the fact that Andre was indeed born in the Nagorno Karabakh Republic. The Azerbaijani government was backed by Azerbaijani and Turkish hackers, who hacked Andre’s official website posting anti-Armenian remarks.

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Turkish singer Sibel Tuzun is set to represent Turkey at the Eurovision song contest in May of 2006, but her website carries anti-Armenian hate propaganda with links to a hatesite which calls Armenians “rodents”

Who was next to jump on Armenia? Turkey, indeed! What is Turkey’s role in the Eurovision contest? Well, apparently Turkey also has a representative at the song contest and apparently Turkey also has a website about their singer. What is wrong with that? Nothing, except for the part that the Turkish website carries heavy anti-Armenian propaganda with links to such hatesites as (which calls Armenians "rodents").

This was noticed by the Eurovision websites,, and, who demanded the withdrawal of hate propaganda. The Turkish response? SWEARING!!!

Don’t believe? Read yourself!

Press Release: unacceptable behavior by eurovision-turkey website

Since few days complaints reach the websites of, and about the content of the eurovision related fan website The content of this website includes an anti-Armenian campaign on its columns. This idea and content is not endorsed by our websites this is why we asked its webmaster to withdraw the column. Despite of giving them a choice the team reacted heavily upon us.

Today eurovision-turkey tried to abuse reactions system by swearing and advertising the website. This is why we were forced to currently stop this service. also informed its partners about the content of this specific website and also TRT and Sibel Tuzun's team are informed. Waiting for some official responses, we ask our partners and friends to email us their support condemning the unacceptable behavior of the specific website.

The specific web area also reproduces content of our website illegally. Therefore will take legal actions against the webmaster of the website and furthermore to its team. We condemn their reaction and we will never endorse political conflicts within our websites. We kindly ask your support at our usual email. The emails received will be published.

Kindly Yours
The Team