Though many and many researches have been done about genocide, the cultural aspect of the crime has been ignored. The ignorance is particularly noticeable in the Armenian case, whereas the Armenian genocide’s cultural aspect may well be the precedent for “cultural genocide.”

Robert Bevan, in his recent “The Destruction of Memory: Architecture at War” seems to revolt against the precedent of ignorance. According to The Age “Barbarians through the gate” March 25 2006 review, “In the first chapter only, Bevan brings together the former Yugoslavia, the Holocaust and the Armenian genocide of 1915 to make a powerful case for the phenomenon of cultural cleansing – the destruction of people, their collective memory and identity with architecture as its medium.”

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Bevan is either unaware of Old Jugha’s recent destruction or did not learn about it before the book’s completion.

According to, the book will be out on 15 April 2006 in the US.