As a response to my letter concerning “Talaat Movement” being a Google sponsor, I have received a letter of “most sincere apology” from Google. While Googling “talaat pasha,” a website in “honor” of that murderer was shown to the right as a “Sponsored Link.”

Hello Simon,

Thank you for your email. Please accept my most sincere apology if this
has offended you or anyone else for that matter.

I understand that you saw an inappropriate advertisement on a Google
results page. Our AdWords Specialists have removed this ad.

The advertisement you saw was generated through the AdWords program,
is designed to give thousands of small business owners the power to
quickly and efficiently generate traffic for their sites. The ads they
create run on our site immediately. Our editorial staff reviews all ads
make sure that they are appropriate for our site. Since we show ads
immediately, there is often a short period of time when the ad is
before being reviewed and approved by Google AdWords Specialists.
note that we try to keep this lag as short as possible.

Unfortunately, it seems you saw the advertisement before we had a
to review it. We have since had the opportunity to review the ad and
deemed it inappropriate for our site.

Simon, again, please accept our apologies. We thank you for your
and continuing support.



Jessica R.
The Google AdWords Team