Not only Google has already removed its sinister advertisement of “Talaat Pasha Movement,” but also the Berlin Police has banned “Talaat Pasha Movement” demonstrations in Berlin.

According to Mein Berlin, an online German publication, on 13 March 2006 the head of Berlin Police prohibited some nationalist Turks to “honor” the main perpetrator of the Armenian genocide, Talaat Pasha, who was shot in 1921 in Berlin.

Turkish nationalists, headed by former Northern Cyprus President Denktash, were planning to lay flowers on the street where Talaat was shot by an Armenian survivor. Both of the upcoming events, 15 and 18 March, were banned with the explanation that they violated #189 Criminal Code, which prohibits denigration of the memory of the dead (aka, the victims of the Armenian genocide).

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The person on the right is the main perpetrator of the death of about 1.5 million Armenians. Some nationalist Turks think he is a hero. The poster is from the official website of those Turks.

Several German organizations, headed by Tessa Hoffman, were going to protest the “Talaat Movement” demonstrations. On the other hand, as The Anatolian Times reports from Istanbul on 13 March 2006, “500 Turks will depart for Berlin on the morning of March 18th to attend the ‘Berlin, Talat Pasha Movement’ Rally.”

According to the Turkish publication, “All legal permits have been obtained for the protest and security measures were taken.” Among those 500 Turks are Labor Party leader Dogu Perincek, Honorary Prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Appeals Vural Savas, Research & Rescue Team (AKUT) Chairman Nasuh Mahruki, former rector of the University of Istanbul Dr. Kemal Alemdaroglu, Dr. Zekeriya Beyaz and Dr. Alpaslan Isikli.

Perhaps, they will all be arrested if they attempt to participate in the banned demonstration.