According to Zaman’s “'Genocide' Course for Teachers in the US” article (13 March 2006), The Federation of Turkish-American Associations (FTAA) will promote a thousand Turkish restaurants in the United States to join the denialist campaign regarding the Armenian genocide.

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Zaman explains, “As part of their activities, they will assemble a box to include three CDs, one will contain the Armenian Reality, and the others will have information about Turkey and will reflect the lives of Turks residing in the US. The evil eye, as part of the unique Turkish tradition, will also be added to this box bearing the slogan, ‘Not Turkey, but Turkiye’ together with a tulip motif. Customers at Turkish restaurants will be presented with this box, as part of the new project initiated by the FTAA.”

I think FTAA should publish “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Perpetrating and Denying Genocide.” That would be the only way FTAA could contribute to genocide awareness.