Spring is a genocidal season: April 24 (Armenian Genocide started), April (Rwandan Genocide started), etc.

The same spring, nevertheless, has killed genocide perpetrators. It is assumed that Hitler, the perpetrator of the Jewish Holocaust, was killed himself on 30 April 1945; the main organizer of the Armenian Genocide, Talaat pasha, was shot to death on 15 March 1920.

And on 11 March 2006, as BBC reports, Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, perpetrator of genocide against Bosnian Muslims, was found dead in the detention center at The Hague tribunal.

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Some people are sorry that Milosevic did not face the trial to be put on justice, but this natural (or even unnatural) way of justice pleases me.

Rest in Hell, Milosevic, with Talaat and with Hitler.