In March of 2006, a group of Azerbaijanis (the profession is purposely unspecified) talked about Armenian-Azerbaijani relationships and gave some insights about the Azerbaijani hatred against Armenians.

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The reporters, however, did not mention about this Armenian-named Azerbaijani spy, Robert Arakelov. Arakelov's photo is available on almost every anti-Armenian website as a "proof" of Azerbaijani tolerance. Viva Azerbaijani government! You tolerate your employees!

Talking about the December 2005 Azerbaijani destruction of the ancient Armenian cemetery in Julfa, Ilham Gavazade (name changed) said that Azerbaijan is being requested to let international representatives to visit Julfa to check the information, but Azerbaijan is doing everything not to let it happen. Apparently, the Azerbaijani administration is very well aware that they themselves were the perpetrators of the vandalism.

Coming to the note that “there are 30,000 Armenians living in Azerbaijan,” one of the Azerbaijanis said that it is a government propaganda to show how tolerant Azerbaijan is. There are a few ethnic Armenians, but, according to them, non of them can acknowledge their identity. There is a rumor that one Armenian family lives in Baku, but they have not been located.

Ilham Gavazade went on to tell a recent story about one of the “Armenians” of Baku. A Russian woman, whose biological father was an Armenian, once needed to obtain a document from the local government. She went to the needed agency, and while digging up her documents the bureaucrat found a paper that showed her biological father was an Armenian (most Armenian last names are easy to identify with the yan or ian ending).

“But I am not an Armenian! I never even met my father,” explained the terrified Russian woman. The answer was that she would get into a huge trouble if others found out about her identity. What happened next? The woman, according to what Gavazade told, ATE THE ARCHIVAL DOCUMENT that said her father was an Armenian. This reminds of a recent trial where an Azerbaijani journalist was convicted for calling an educational figure “an Armenian.”

Don’t eat papers; they are no good for health.