As Azerbaijani American Gulbaniz Mammadova informs, a group of Turks and Azerbaijanis said good-bye to Armenian protestors on 28 February 2006 by “loudly playing funeral march for them.”

Several dozen Armenian-Americans, including children, protested the 1988 ethnic murders in the Azerbaijani city Sumgait and the recent cultural cleansing in Julfa by holding a peaceful demonstration at the Azerbaijani Embassy in Washington D.C. on 28 February 2006.

The Armenian protest was “counter-demonstrated” by a few Azerbaijanis and Turks, according to Mammadova.

Photos of the demonstration and counter-demonstration, taken by Azerbaijanis, reveal some interesting insights. As can be seen in the photo below, the anti-Armenian posters were long waiting for “counter-demonstrators” at the Azerbaijani Embassy before the Azerbaijanis and the Turks arrived!

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But this fact only is not sufficient enough to say that the anti-Armenian “welcoming” was organized by the Azerbaijani Embassy. Nevertheless, look at the photo below.

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I highlighted the trademarks of the poster-backs. As you can see, they are all the same. Prepared by one group, if not by one person. Again, this photo was taken by the demonstrators themselves, not realizing that they would be revealing the “secret” that the anti-Armenian demonstration was carefully planned by the Azerbaijani Embassy.

The photo below shows that some of the demonstrators carried the Azerbaijani flag downwards. How ironic…

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But not as much ironic as the fact that people who cry about “Armenian savagery and murder” sing a funeral song for those whom they call murderers, terrorists, occupiers, liars and whatever other bad words they can come with.