The online version of Real Azerbaijan, the Russian-language Azerbaijani publication, informs on 27 February 2006 that the flags of Switzerland and Armenia were burnt in Azerbaijan’s capital during an anti-Armenian “peaceful protest.” (It is an illegal activity to deny the Armenian genocide in Switzerland.)

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Safarov's cartoon from a Hungarian website.

The protest, organized by Azerbaijani and Turkish international students, was attended by about 100 people who carried the flags of Turkey and Azerbaijan. Slogans included “Freedom to Ramil Safarov,” who hacked his sleeping Armenian classmate in 2004.

A friend from Yerevan (Armenia), on the other hand, informs in a personal e-mail that on 28 February 2006 they will be commemorating the Azerbaijani pogrom against the Armenian residents of Sumgait in 1988. I think Azerbaijan’s recent vandalism against Old Julfa’s cemetery will make a lot of people to attend tomorrow’s gathering.