The platform of the new Pan-Turanist “Grand Turan Party” includes “expatriation” of Armenian citizens of Turkey.

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Pan-Turanism (not too different from Pan-Turkism) is the Turkish nationalist ideology of “uniting” Turkic people around the world, thus establishing an Islamic empire from the Balkans to China. Many believe that the Armenian genocide and the massacres of thousands of other non-Turks were due to these ideologies.

Jews, Armenians and Kurds who became Turkish citizens within the last 25 years will be expatriated and their movable and immovable properties appropriated.

According to the Turkish daily The New Anatolian (25 Feb 2006), “Current political leaders and executive board members, civil servants, former military officers, professors, assistant professors, lecturers, columnists, artists, deputies and bureaucrats are all banned from becoming founding members.” Basically, mostly brainwashed fascists of Bozkurt (Grey Wolves terrorist organization) qualify for membership.

The official website (in Turkish) of the new fascist party is, and the English translation of the platform is available at