Once upon a time I wrote about the denialist response of Azerbaijanis and Turks regarding the destruction of the Armenian heritage in Azerbaijan and in Turkey.

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It is, indeed, unfair to stereotype people. Indeed, there are some individual Azerbaijanis and Turks who have different approaches.

Alas, I have not encountered an Azerbaijani who would condemn the recent destruction of the Armenian cemetery in Nakhichevan. But I certainly have to share a recent letter by Turkish Professor Ali Kazancigil (who has worked for UNESCO for 30 years). After watching a video of the Azerbaijani destruction at www.julfa.cjb.net, Mr. Kazancigil wrote in a personal communication:

I have great sympathy for the Enlightenment philosopher Condorcet
who believed that human progress was possible and humans would become
better through reason and education. On the face of such horrors,
I have to sadly admit that his prediction has not come true, not yet
at least. Let's keep our optimism, it helps…