Emma Ellis, an eighth grade student from the Elisabeth Morrow School in Englewood (New Jersey), has published a column about the genocide in Darfur with the support of her classmates. The group of these students, who are raising awareness about the Darfurian genocide, can be contacted at [email protected].

Emma writes in her first paragraph, “The Holocaust. Rwanda. The Armenian genocide. These words evoke thoughts of ineffable death and suffering. After these tragedies, the world vowed never again.’ Genocide is a problem of the past, right? But what about Darfur? Do you even know where it is?”

After briefly describing the genocide in Darfur, Emma continues, “The people of Darfur need help, and quickly. Currently, 10,000 people are dying each month.

Given these facts, how can people possibly remain silent? It does not seem possible that so few people know about this tragedy. Perhaps they don't care.

Indifference can kill as surely as a bullet.”

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This great eight-grader calls upon us to end the genocide in Darfur by telling us to follow the example of her classmates and herself, “There is something everyone can do to help the people of Darfur. My classmates and I are currently writing letters to our congressional leaders, educating our peers, and giving people postcards to sign and send to Washington. We are also going to raise funds to send to Darfur relief organizations.”

The entire article is available here.