The European Parliament has adopted yet another resolution concerning the destruction of the ancient Armenian cemetery of Old Julfa in Nakhichevan by the Azerbaijani army. Similar condemnation was expressed in an earlier resolution.

The new resolution is being “objective” by also calling on Armenia not to destroy Azerbaijani monuments. Nevertheless, no case of state-planned or other kind of vandalism against a Muslim/Azerbaijani monument in Armenia is cited in the resolution.

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European Parliament is trying to stop the destruction of the Armenian heritage by saying “oh, you guys both should not do such things!” so that Azerbaijan does not get mad again.

Parliament strongly condemns the destruction of the Djulfa cemetery as well as the destruction of all sites of historical importance that has taken place on Armenian or Azerbaijani territory, and condemns any such action that seeks to destroy the cultural heritage of a people. It calls on the Council and the Commission to make clear to Armenia and Azerbaijan that all efforts must be made to stop the practice of ethnic cleansing which has led to such actions, and to find ways to facilitate the gradual return of refugees and displaced people.

I guess I would buy this political step, if it indeed stopped the Azerbaijani government from its vandalistic policy against the Armenian heritage. But I am afraid nothing will stop Azerbaijan in its mission of cleansing the Armenian memory. And to tell the truth, there is not a lot left in Nakhichevan to destroy…

And I said to myself, “What a wonderful world!”

p.s. to feel the above quote, visit and watch Azerbaijani soldiers destroying the last Christian headstones (some as old as the 8th century) in Hin Jugha (December 2005).

The resolution is available here.