As Turkish professor Fatma Gocek informs in an e-mail communication, the Armenian church of Kayseri (Turkey) has been attacked by Muslim extremists.

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There has been an unfortunate attack on the Armenian Church in Kayseri as
“some irresponsible people fired ten rounds on the outer door of the church,
chanted the Muslim proclamation of faith and shouted anti-Christian slogans.”
The governor of Kayseri immediately took the necessary security precautions
and placed guards around the church.

This is a rear incident when the attack on an Armenian church in Turkey has not been organized by the Turkish government. The Armenian Church of Kayseri, St. Krikor (Surb Grigor), is one of the few Armenian churches out of 2000 that has not been destroyed during or after the Armenian genocide of 1915.

Update: The Artyom Reader has an update on the church.