Via group e-mail, I received the list of “73 lawsuits that are currently filed in Turkey on cases concerning the exercise of the right for the expression of freedom of thought” from Turkish professor Fatma Gocek. The list contains the name of the accused, the legal code, the action considered criminal and the court date.

To mention a few “crimes” from the list:

HADEP(Çermik)’s offense is “Kurdish music at the Congress” (I assume he played or sang it), İbrahim Özden Kaboğlu’s crime is publishing “Working Group Report on Minority and Cultural Rights,” Aziz Özer’s crime is writing an article titled “No to Occupational Partnership in Iraq,” Aydoğan İnal’s crime is the writing “405 Turkish soldiers raped a Kurdish Woman: are these the soldiers the Iraqi popualce awaits?” and Mehmet Cemal Kavak’s crime is a talk given at the night organized at Anatolian Folk Culture Music Festival!

I am posting the whole list in the “comments” section of this entry.