I have decided to write about hatesites. As an Armenian, I will be evaluating anti-Armenian websites, but for non-Armenians it will be interesting to see how hate works.

So this is the first part of the hatesite entries. Let me note that, though Google contains a few search results on the word “hatesite,” I came up with this word on my own some time ago. Definition of the word: “Hatesite is an internet site that demonizes, dehumanizes and spreads hate about national, ethnic, religious or other social groups" (Blogian dictionary, 2005).

Being Armenian I might have trouble finding Armenian hatesites, but I am sure there are some. Nevertheless, generally speaking, Armennet (Armenian internet, another new word!) is clear of hate and dehumanization of others.

Why? I have a theory. I think the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian Diasporas are checks and balances on each other. Since you cannot find any country in this world that Armenians have not lived or are not living in, politically speaking Armenians are very diverse. And Armenians like criticizing each other, sometimes to an extent that Armenians think they will never be united. I will write on this theory more…

But again, I think the diversity of Armenians is a mechanism of checks and balances on each other. So that’s the reason that I have not encountered Armenian hatesites, but I promise to share with you whenever I encounter one!

The “honor” of the first hatesite goes to www.tallarmeniantale.com, an epitome of human hatred against humans. This website is more known for denying the Armenian genocide, but it is not the denial that makes this website to a hatesite category!

I have said before that tallarmeniantale.com is a sick nationalistic bsite, which says that Ashkenazi Jews, Native Americans and others are Turks. It also says that the Renaissance and the Reformation was due the fact that Turks conquered Constantinople… Well, nationalism and revisionism does not make it to a hatesite either, so don’t think I don’t defend ones right to say that Turks are God-given creatures who always do the best!

So what makes www.tallarmeniantale.com a hatesite? Well, the “simple” fact of quoting an “unknown source” that “proves” Armenians are rodents… And then some people doubt whether Holdwater (the author of tallarmeniantale.com) is not the same Botas, who called Fatma Gocek, a Turkish professor admitting the Armenian genocide, a “fat lady.”

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Armeni-lemmings identify with this rodent
– from http://tallarmeniantale.com/psychology.htm