I obsessively wrote about the recent destruction of Armenian headstones in Nakhichevan (Azerbaijan). Yes, I am obsessed with the Azerbaijani denial of their crimes of cultural cleansing against the Armenian heritage, and I am also obsessed with the Armenian, let alone world, silence in regards to the destruction.

But it is not only the Armenian monuments in Turkey and Azerbaijan that I am obsessed with. I am also obsessed with the preservation of Muslim monuments of the Republic Armenia, since I consider those monuments not only treasures of world, but also treasures of Armenian heritage.

Because of this, I always try to find out information on Muslim monuments in the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh Republic). You may remember the Azerbaijani fabrication about “destruction of Agadede,” which followed the news about Nakhichevan’s recent destruction. I did some read.gif to find out about that place, but I could find no mention of it in any written account.

Now about another story. Once upon a time Azerbaijanis were lamenting the fabricated destruction of an Azerbaijani cemetery in Fizuli, currently controlled by the Nagorno Karabakh Republic.

Despite the fact that the cemetery has no much historical significance, I truly understand the feeling of Azerbaijanis when they are concerned about the faith of their cemeteries. But I won’t be able to understand the feeling of those Azerbaijanis who will see the photo below, taken in mid-January 2006, and find the state of the cemetery just the same way it was when Azerbaijanis were living in this place. I won’t be, because Azerbaijanis have no similar photos of Armenian monuments to show me. I wish I were wrong! ermm.gif

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Photo: the Azerbaijani cemetery of Fizuli (Nagorno Karabakh Republic controlled territory) in mid-January, 2006 (photo originally posted by "Maraga" user at www.day.az/forum)